Thursday, November 1, 2007

What Will Blackwater Do If Forced to Leave Iraq?

Here at Blogbovine, we hate to see people lose their jobs for ANY reason. But we won't be shedding any tears for the controversial, murderous mercenaries at Blackwater Worldwide, because New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein has already started a pilot program at P.S. 343 in Flushing, Queens to improve the school's security situation. What have they done so far?

--Guidance counselor shot and killed for "recklessly eyeballing" Blackwater convoy heading to the cafeteria

--Parent coordinator and kindergarten teachers waterboarded to get info on kindergarten student Juan Chrisantos’ booger joke

--Blackwater ops granted immunity in corporal punishment cases involving "enemy combatants" in grades K-5

--Special Education class 4-7 subjected to three periods of stress positions for making fart noises

--Mercenaries provide at-risk chorus members with homework help 3 days a week

--Blackwater Operatives utilize silencers to assassinate Assistant Principal Matthews and Math Coach Elwes

--Off-duty Blackwater Mercenaries string Thanksgiving decorations with excess piano wire garottes in school library

--Photographer and assistant cut down in a blaze of gunfire during picture day mishap involving flash photography and nervous Blackwater Ops

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Anonymous said...

dont ;augh, it'll be true soon