Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Men Who Wear Dresses and the Multi-Culti Mavens Who Love Them

Maybe they're not dresses, but each of these legging-less lads has a cadre of global village devotees.

The Dalai Lama:

Enlightenment is a panty-less saffron robe away, child.

The Scots:

Aye, it may look like a skirt, but I'm wearing nowt under it. Now get tae fuck, ya junkie cow, ye!

Roman Togas:

I came, I saw, I cross-dressed.

Grass Skirts:

For jungle crotch-rot, there's nothing like paddling a canoe around the lagoon, legs akimbo, in this airy little number.

Saudi Thobe:

We're, like, totally commando under here dude. And Allah is cool with that.


I will beat your ass for the glory of the Emporer and the honor of my dress.

Actual Transvestites:

My cock and balls just feel more at home in this Nicole Miller knock off.

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